Decimal Point

is a data-first design studio that reveals data stories through visualization

Selected Work
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Decimal Point

is led by Jeff MacInnes, PhD

Decimal Point is a data/design studio that collaborates with academic partners, journalists, scientists, think tanks, research institutions, and non-profit organizations - any group that is using data to positively impact the world.

Our projects range from interactive visualizations to websites to media wall installations to static infographics.

Working with us

Design should adapt to your data, and not the other way around. We are a data-first studio, meaning we put design in the service of data and work to present results as accurately as possible.

If you have questions about your data, we're happy to offer help wrangling and analyzing it as needed.

Each project we do is unique, and as a small studio we can custom-tailor the process to your data and desired goals. In general, our projects evolve through the following stages:


Can you make an interactive chart that shows <insert idea> ?

Probably, but it will depend on your data. In an initial meeting, we can discuss your data and what is possible (or not possible) to build with it.

Our organization is interested in working with you for a visualization project — what sort of process can we expect?

We’re collaborators. That means frequent check-ins and a pledge to be transparent with you about progress and hurdles. In exchange, we request timely feedback and a good faith effort to keep to whatever schedule we agree on.

We have a deadline looming, how quickly can you start?

It depends. We can be booked out anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, so the earlier you reach out the better.

What kinds of groups/projects do you prefer to work with?

It's easy for data to be biased or misconstrued and we work well with conscientious groups that are aware of those issues and share our values for responsible and ethical data use. We’ve loved working with a range of different groups including academic partners, journalists, scientists, think tanks, research institutions, for-profit and non-profit organizations.

We’re a great organization, but don’t have a huge budget — do you have a minimum price for projects?

No. We prioritize people over pay and prefer to work with organizations that are promoting a good cause rather than those that only have a large budget. That said, we strive to set fair rates that reflect the time dedicated and value of our work, and seek collaborators that recognize and appreciate that value. Once a proposal is signed off on, we work to keep the budget on target and are upfront about any issues that could affect that as the project goes on.

I’m a talented designer/developer/creative technologist — do you ever hire anyone else to work with you on your projects?

For sure! It’s always a treat to contract with (and learn from) talented individuals. If interested, reach out. Project needs vary, but at the very least we can have a conversation about ways we might collaborate in the future.

Let's talk

Idea for a project? Have an interesting dataset but don't know where to start? Just want to talk shop?

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